General Information for all Cub Camps

How do I get our Cub Scouts excited about Cub Camps?  Schedule a Cub Camp Promotion Meeting!

Where can I find the event schedule?  Schedules for each event will be handed out at the first “check-in”.  Also, as soon as they are finalized for each event, a copy will also be available through each camp’s main tab (above).

When do I pay the event fees?  You can pay the full amount online with a credit/debit card or personal e-check.  If you pay the deposit only for each participant, you must pay the balance by June 1st, the latest (this deposit only option is not available for the family camp in April).  Both Cub Family Camps and Twilight Camp require full payment (there are no “deposit only” options), since no financial assistance (scholarships) are available for these cub camps.

How/where do I pay the fee or the balance for cub camps in 2018?

  1. You can choose to pay the full amount (or deposit only, if applicable) online when registering.  As the “registration closes deadline” approach, this will become the only option, so register early!
  2. Mail to, or make a payment at, our council office (2745 Skokie Valley Road, Highland Park, IL). Include the name of the event and your registration number, so we can apply it correctly.  If paying for multiple registrations, include each registration number and it’s specific amount being paid.
  3. If you completed the online registration, contact Debi at to find out how to pay the balance online.  Have your registration number handy.

What is a Cub Scout Scholarship?  Scholarships are financial assistance for Scouts to attend some of our council’s cub camps.  Go to the Scholarships page for more details.

BSA Annual Health Form – Go to the Health and Safety page for information.

What should we leave at home?  Leave all valuable and sentimental items at home, including games, computers, phones, special gifts from family members, etc.  If you’d hate to lose it, don’t bring it!

What items are prohibited?  You cannot bring alcohol, fireworks, or other BSA-prohibited items are allowed in camp.  See Camp Rules for a more comprehensive list.

Do I need extra money?   No, but there will be a Trading Post to buy goodies.  The schedule will let you know when it is open.

Who do I contact with program and advancement questions?  Quinn Ryan at

Who do I contact with registration, payment, and scholarship questions? Debi Geiger at


Information for Day Camps

What time is check-in?  Check in by 8:30 am the first day, then by 8:45 am the remaining days.

What should my son bring to Day Camp?  Be Prepared! To ensure a fun-filled and comfortable day, make sure you send your scout to camp with the following:

  • Lunch
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Jacket or raincoat
  • Money for the Trading Post (optional)
  • A day-pack/backpack to carry the items above
  • Closed-toed shoes (not sandals or other open-toed shoes)

IMPORTANT:  Make sure everything is labeled with your scout’s name and Pack number. Lots of unlabeled belongings get lost every week and are never reunited with their original owners!

Where are the sack lunches stored?  We will have plenty of large coolers for sack lunches.

When is the Trading Post open?  Each Den has a scheduled visit to the Trading Post on either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. The store also operates from 9:10am – 1:10pm on Friday for Family Day. It accepts cash only.

Can siblings go to Day Camp?  Technically, no. Day Camp is a a program designed specifically for Cub Scouts, and we made it a “drop-off camp” with only them in mind. Do not register them for camp.  Please contact Quinn Ryan for more information about requirements and fees for non-cub scout children at Day Camp (Note: There may be higher “non-scout” fees, especially if additional adult supervision is required because of them).

Is Adult supervision required?  Yes, BUT WE WILL PROVIDE IT (it is part of the scout fee).

What if my Pack or Den wants to provide their own adult supervision?  Contact Quinn immediately, to learn about the policies and rules, required training, etc.  These adults must complete and turn in the BSA Annual Health Form (A & B).

NOTE: Den Chiefs (older Scouts) may attend free to help supervise, but will not be counted in our Scout/Adult ratio.

Will Scouts earn advancements?  Yes, advancement opportunities under the new Cub Scouting Program are available for every rank. A list of the advancements that Scouts may accomplish will be handed out at “check-in”.  We will also list them online as soon as possible.